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      Chuck Lee

      Can you educate me on the difference between a VPN (like VPN Express) and an Identity Protection platform (Life Lock)?
      Would you suggest getting both and if so why??
      Can they work hand in hand?
      If you had to get one. .which one would you get?
      Are there any specials that offer them together cash a combo?

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      Hello Chuck,

      A VPN service does the following: A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

      It will essentially route your network traffic through another computer. While Life lock offers Identity protection & insurance to reimburse you if your identity is compromised, as well as a VPN solution. More of what they offer are listed below.

      WE SCAN & ALERT†
      If we detect a potential threat to your identity, we alert you by text, email, phone, or mobile app.

      We help block hackers from stealing personal information on your devices, and our VPN helps keep your online activity private.

      If you become a victim of identity theft, one of our U.S.-based agents will work to fix it.

      We’ll reimburse funds stolen due to identity theft up to the limit of your plan.

      It really depends on your needs and online security, if you have had Identity issues in the past then the choice would be Life lock, however, if you really only need VPN services then you can’t go wrong with Express VPN.

      I hope that answers your question.

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      Chuck Lee

      Thanx so much for your detailed response and explanations!
      Much appreciated!


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      Dan Dunn

      I currently use Norton 360 Premier, which has identity protection as well as VPN. My question though, I work from home and my computer is connected through a DSL line to the Internet through my router by an Ethernet connection. The only wi-fi connection I use while working at home is my wireless printer. Is a VPN connection recommended with this setup? I do use the Norton VPN when I’m traveling with my laptop and have to rely on wi-fi to connect to the Internet. New to the Komando Community and this forum. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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