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      Mark from San Antonio, Texas was informed that he will no longer receive support for his Dell 3180 Chromebook. He wants to know if he can still safely use this device. He uses a VPN, travels overseas a lot and uses public Wi-Fi. He wondered if downloading Bitdefender Total Security would also beef up his device’s protections.

      I told Mark not to take any chances with cybersecurity. You should always use a device that receives up-to-date support and protection. Hackers are always finding new bugs in old devices, but security experts patch those bugs in updates. It’s a never-ending cycle. By using a device that has been cut off from the cycle of updates, you’re incredibly vulnerable.

      Just from talking with him, I had a laptop in mind: the Lenovo Chromebook Duet.

      But Mark can also check out my laptop finder quiz. In a matter of minutes, he can answer pointed questions about his ideal laptop and be matched to his perfect fit. Tap or click here to take the quiz.

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