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    I saw there was a update on my computer for Win 10, version 1903. I don’t know whether I should download and install it with all the things I have read lately. Should I?????

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    Komando Community

    We just posted an article on Komando.com about this update:

    “Microsoft released update KB4515384 in response to user reports of CPU activity spiking unnecessarily on Windows 10 computers, which created significant slowdowns and unexpected behavior. The patch, however, managed to break several of the most commonly used features in Windows 10 and caused an uproar online over Microsoft’s poor quality control.”

    Keep reading on Komando.com: https://www.komando.com/happening-now/596553/latest-windows-10-update-may-be-the-worst-yet-heres-why

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    I read that article and I have NOT updated to this latest Window 10 version 1903. Do I update it and then look at info for KB4515384. I am thinking I should NOT update this version 1903. Please Help me make decision.

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    Jake Russo


    It probably won’t hurt to wait, as any critical security patches will be pushed to your computer regardless of weather you want them or not. It would be smart to Google your computer’s model number along with the name of the update (Win 10 1903) or the more specific update number and see if you see any reports of issues with your specific machine.

    My understanding of why Microsoft’s quality control of their own software is so bad is because of it’s versatility. Windows can work on just about anything, so it’d be impossible for their team to test the software on every imaginable configuration. Even with this said, they can definitely up their game in that department.

    Anyway, I hope I was of service!


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    Amber @Komando

    Hi everyone!

    For clarification I wanted to add that Windows 10 version 1903 was a feature update that was released several months ago in May 2019. A feature update is a major release that comes out twice a year around the Spring and Fall. Unless you have not updated your computer at all for some time, you probably already have version 1903 installed.

    You can see what release of Windows you are currently running by using the command “winver”. You can run this by hitting the Windows Key + R and in the run box type “winver” and press enter.

    I like to refer to the following page for information on the latest available build:

    The next major release (currently referred to as 19H2) is set to be released within the next month or so, however this time it is expected to be more like one of the smaller updates and not a full blown release like the usual ones.

    The issue mentioned in Kim’s recent article is for one of the smaller patches that comes out every month, called KB4515384 (OS Build 18362.356) released on September 10th.

    Uh oh: Windows 10 update breaks your antivirus program

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    I cannot save anything in documents or pictures since my last update. All files are read only and when I save a file or document I get a notice of document not found. There has got to be a fix somewhere.

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    Komando Community

    @lostinmidameric What build are you running? We can look to see if there is a known issue for the build you are on.

    You can see what release of Windows you are currently running by using the command “winver”. You can run this by hitting the Windows Key + R and in the run box type “winver” and press enter.

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