Lee Ann Hamerski

I had an unusual glitch with Express VPN recently. The Verizon tech said that Express VPN may need to correct some code because even though I turned it off, it turned itself back on. I had to disable it and use my Verizon VPN in order to connect to my Iridium Go satellite hot spot which requires the VPN to be turned off.

Additionally, my iPhone 6 wouldn’t keep the Verizon signal and the tech at Verizon said that some other iPhone 6’s were having the same problem. They traced it back to the Express VPN. The iPhone 6 was a free phone I got when I signed up for a 2-year commitment for Verizon’s unlimited service at $40.00 per month. So I had to disable the Express VPN and add the Verizon VPN.

The Verizon VPN asks you if you want to turn the VPN off or on when it perceives an issue. Express VPN just kept turning back on even when I wanted it to be off.

Can anyone from Express VPN speak to these issues? Or is there anyone else who has some insight?