Thank you John. Yes I installed Edge again. Until the newest version was released I was using Chrome. It seems there is an issue with everything on our computers. There is one (so called computer help website) I have signed up for since 2005. I posed this question there and one of the moderators didn’t want to be bothered with really helping me fix the problem.. His answer was go use a different browser. I keep playing with different ways to discover what the problem is. Here is what I discovered; This morning if I go to the shortcuts with the same webpage from task bar and open from favorites bar from the Edge browser home page they open normal I like task bar shortcuts because I can click on them separately from the task bar and have 3 different pages open. If I click on them from the faves bar you leave the starting page as we know. I guess I’ll just have to work around it. Otherwise I have no other problems with how the computer is running.