Norman Harris
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Does your truck have an FM radio? If yes, get a bluetooth to FM transmitter so that you can listen to content from your phone through the truck’s own stereo speakers. That will provide a stronger sound than any headset. If your truck’s stereo has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input, you may be able to use a bluetooth to 3.5 mm audio output linked to your truck’s stereo, or even more directly connect a cable from your phone to the 3.5mm audio input. If your truck has no FM radio or stereo, you could get a bluetooth speaker such as a JBL Flip 3{4, or 5} or stronger yet a Charge 3 that can play audio from sources on your phone including GPS, phone calls or music or media players. Most headsets are considered unsafe, even illegal for motor vehicle operators, especially a large commercial vehicle but even for 4 wheelers. You can use bone conduction headphones with no problem, or a headphone that goes on one ear only, not both, or neck speakers such as the Bose Soundwear Companion {this particular one is expensive but there are less expensive clones that function well}.