Lesley Zimmerman

Happy New Year to you too! Regarding configuration of the TP-Link deco router, I did the configuration myself. When I moved into this house, the old Linksys router was in use and I immediately recognized that its range and strength of signal was inadequate for the house, hence the acquisition of the new Deco router. When I spoke to the person in charge of the Rajant antenna he indicated no special router was needed. Since I last communicated with you I went ahead and returned the TP-Link Deco router. Purchased a Linksys AX6000 wifi 6 router but have yet to set it up. Hoping this does not do the same blacklisting as the TP-Link. Thank you for your suggestions re logging into the old router and checking its settings. Am currently using the old Linksys router again and it streams FoxNation w/o issue. Will look into the static IP address possibility when I set up the new router. Thank you again for all your help – really appreciate this forum and people like you willing to help with these issues.