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      Darrel Hochstettler

      Is there any way to contact Facebook about a disabled account when they state that the decision cannot be reversed!

      Here is the situation. After years of not joining Facebook I decided to join at least temporarily just to view a company’s post of their pool pictures I am considering installing.

      So I signed up. Then a couple of days later I logged in and got the message that my account had been disabled. I read the instructions and understood it to say to send a photo which I did. Then a day or so later when I logged in I got a message that my account was disabled and that the decision has already reviewed and it could not be reversed. After doing some research I realized that I must have read the message incorrectly and that I should have sent a photo ID like a driver’s license. How I could have read it wrong I don’t know but I think that must be the case. I have a limited online presence except for email, financial sites, etc. and a Parler account which I have never used except for logging in.

      Life time banishment is a very harsh consequence for an innocent mistake. Anyway, contacting them is limited to their forms through which I am immediately blocked when I try to use them to plead my case. I have a clean record, very high credit score and have held very high government clearances during my working career and am not the type of person to violate any of their policies. Research reveals little hope of this lifetime restriction.

      Is there anyway to pursue removing the restriction on my account?


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      Hello Darrel,

      If they are claiming it cannot be reversed, your best bet is to start over with a new email address and Facebook account.

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