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      Joanne DiBona

      Should it be so difficult to set up this podcast on my phone??? I am a new premium member and have had nothing but frustration with this. The joke is when I wrote an email just now asking for help, as instructed, to support@kommando.com, it bounced back saying the address couldn’t be found. HUH???? on a TECH show?

      If anyone can help me, I would so appreciate it. Here is what I wrote:

      I really need your help. I followed your directions to set up my premium ad free podcast on Podcast Addict. I launched the app, went through your instructions, and this is what I got. So frustrating. I am using the latest operating system on my Samsung Note 9. Here is the message I get:

      Last update failed. Broken RSS feed. Doesn’t look like a falid RSS feed.

      Please contact me with some suggestions as soon as you can (I asked another question recently but my inquiry was left unanswered).

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      Hello Joanne,

      The support email address is support@komando.com not support@kommando.com, too many M’s.

      For iOS: Apple Podcasts, Downcast, and Overcast are the applications we have tested.

      Please see my walk-through for setting up Apple Podcast by clicking here.

      For Android: Podcast Addict, Beyond Pod, and Podcast Republic are the applications we have tested.

      Please see my walk-through for setting up Podcast Addict by clicking here.

      We also have another Podcast thread going on over here.

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